Enterprise Challenges

The relations between organisation, leaders and people are changing rapidly and has become critical for both organisational and individual success. Many organisations are struggling to keep key talents and to recruit new ones. Motivating people and creating an innovative yet productive culture remains a mystery to most.

Thanks to changes in values and lifestyle, individuals raise new demands to their employers. A vision they can relate to, flexibility in workspace and time, increased influence and transparency are just a few examples.

Managers usually have little or no guidance and an unfortunate lack of role models on how to deal with this new sitation. Their task is overwhelming at best and the need for new leadership methods and tools are imminent.

Is your company ready to handle the new demands?

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Sprife Enterprise

As a corporate extension to the Sprife coaching network and tools, we are developing Sprife Enterprise. It is an initiative to further strengthen the relation between team members and the organisation, boost motivation and provide more relevant, actionable performance data for effective decision-making. Use it to instill a coaching, networking culture, identify informal leaders and analyze skills and behaviours on all levels of the organisation. Sprife will initially address three key enterprise challenges:
Enterprise Challenge #1 - Keep Talents

#1 – Keep great performers and get excellent performance from your people

What is the problem?

  • Superficial employee relations makes keeping key talents difficult
  • Inability to motivate, align and empower team members result in meagre on-the-job performances
...organizational cause of disengagement is incompetent leadership (Harvard BR)
Estimated minimum cost to replace a mid-level manager. High-end estimate is almost five times higher ($120,000) (Center for Economic and Policy Research)

Sprife Enterprise

  • Tie key employees to company by their own priorities
  • Continuously define, manage and grow employee relationships to release untapped potential
Enterprise Challenge #2 - Create a Motivated Culture

#2 – Build a dynamic, innovative and highly motivated culture, anchored in the habit of growth

What is the problem?

  • Leaders don't know how to harness their people to the organisation
  • Organisations don't know how to create conditions for contiuous individual growth
Employee engagement levels are three times more strongly related to intrinsic than extrinsic motives. (Indiana University)
Decrease in intrinsic motivation for an interesting task when offered a tangible extrinsic reward. (Harvard BR)

Sprife Enterprise

  • Network, tools and processes to create stimulative relations, formal or informal
  • Drive performance primarily through intrinsic motivational drivers, instead of being dependent on salary, bonuses and other extrinsic rewards.
  • Assess and grow emolyees' coaching capabilities through simulations, courses and mentoring
Enterprise Challenge #3 - Continuous Improvement

#3 – Grow individuals and company by measuring, analysing and acting on relevant performance data

What is the problem?

  • Organisations are missing relevant continuous performance data in HR planning and decision-making
  • Traditional performance management focus on generic annual evaluations instead of agile goal setting, regular feedback, coaching and development
...of companies find their performance review so inadequate they will or hope to make changes within a year. (Washington Post)
Training combined with coaching gives a productivity increase for 88% of participants, four times higher than typical non-coached training (22%) (IPMA)

Sprife Enterprise

  • Shift focus from end-of-year evaluations toward helping managers coach people to succeed
  • Live-updated, crowd-assessed performance data for effective planning and decision-making
  • Daily focus on long-term strategic, motivational goals
Live evaluation reports
Succession reports
GAP reports on team behaviours and capabilities

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